Club Officers

Officials 2020-2021

Patron: Doug Galbraith

Commodore: Dave Keen

Vice Commodore: Alastair Wells

Rear Commodore: Peter Wilson

Treasurer: Dean Smith

Secretary: Tim Bingham

General Committee
Flag officers, Treasurer, Secretary, Sub-Committee Chair people, Marina Committee Deputy Chair and Bruce Carter, Neil Cates, Kerry Farrand

Keelboat Committee 
Daniel Wise, Simon Cain, John Power

Centreboard Committee 
Mark Turner (Chair), Neil Cates, Maxine Cates, Doug France, Derry Godbert

Marina Committee
Lane Ayr (Chair), David Brock, Mike Carere, Rhys Dempster, Phil Harris, Paul Pedersen, Alistair Stephenson

House & Social Committee  

Membership: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.